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Borders, Groups, Statistics: Researching Immigrant Arrival at Pier 21

How do I find a passenger list? Is there a ledger? What if my ancestor came from a country that no longer exists? While the Scotiabank Family History Centre at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 does not physically hold documentation pertaining to immigrant arrival, it has access to a large number of passenger lists, ship manifests, immigration records on microfilm, and information on all ports of entry into Canada. There remain some misconceptions about the nature of these materials.

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Fenton's Adventures

If you attended a festival in Halifax this year, including RibFest, Buskers or the Newcomers Welcome BBQ, it's possible you met Fenton, the Museum's most huggable bear.

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Customs and Traditions: Holiday Edition!

In the Canadian Immigration Hall, we have a great interactive element where we ask visitors to share with us their family traditions and customs. The point of this activity is to get people to think about where these traditions come from and the intangible culture that immigrants bring with them when they come to Canada. These are the aspects of culture that people don’t pack in their suitcases, but bring with them in their hearts and minds. Intangible culture can be things like language, religion, notions of politeness, and special holidays and traditions.

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