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Fenton's Adventures

If you attended a festival in Halifax this year, including RibFest, Buskers or the Newcomers Welcome BBQ, it's possible you met Fenton, the Museum's most huggable bear.

His friendly face and sweet dance moves were seen all over the city, especially along the waterfront, greeting Haligonians out for a break in the sunshine, telling visitors to Halifax about the Museum, and welcoming the massive cruise ships. Fenton even got to check out a helicopter at Shearwater Family Days. Bears usually prefer solid ground, but he thought that was pretty cool. And of course, Fenton kept doing his most important work, helping children learn about immigration with the Teddy Bear's Journey workshop here at the Museum.

A person wearing a big teddy bear costume with a black hat and tie, waves from the open door of a big military helicopter.

Not to be left out of any craze, Fenton even spent some of his time out on the waterfront catching Pokémon. The Museum is a Pokéstop, and there are two more just outside our front doors, so it was super fun and easy to play all summer. Of course, Fenton needed a little bit of help for the actual catching of the Pokémon. It's hard to swipe on a touch screen with big fluffy bear paws.

Fenton also got a starring role in another fun International Museum Dance Off video. This year, we took a little bit of inspiration from another famous bear, Baloo from The Jungle Book, and learned all about the "Bare Necessities". It was great fun! Fenton's friends at the Museum have many hidden talents, just like Fenton himself. Did you know that bears can tap dance?

Of course, Fenton loves any excuse to bust a move. Maybe you spotted Fenton dancing at Pride In and Out event, or maybe you even joined in! He marched to the beat of international bands in town for the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, and Fenton also attempted some “salsa” dancing at Nocturne with Freddy Mujica, but he needs a few more lessons.

A person wearing a big teddy bear costume with a black hat and a tie with red and white maple leaves, is standing between two young ladies dressed in red.

Canada Day at Pier 21 is always a big party, and Fenton was especially excited this year because he got to trade in his usual uniform for the day, and show off his fancy new maple leaf tie to the team and all of our visitors! It was a year of fun fashion adventures for Fenton, as he also got a sweet rainbow tie for the Pride festival. Ties big enough for Fenton to wear are hard to come by, so he’s very happy.

And to top it all off, now our little Museum visitors can wear Fenton fashions, too! Fenton says the most exciting moment this summer was walking into the gift shop one day and finding his own friendly face smiling back at him on post cards, throw pillows and t-shirts. The Fenton t-shirt was designed by our very own Artist-in-Residence, Kyle Jackson! And thanks to the post cards, Fenton can go all around the world. Where would you send Fenton?

An artist’s colorful rendering of a big bear standing and waving outside a building with the name Pier 21 at the top.

And now, in the cold winter months, Fenton likes to settle in for a nice little hibernation! He might poke his nose out to say “Hello, Bonjour” a few times here and there, like he did in December at the Patinons en Français skating event at the Halifax Forum and the Museum’s Family Fun Day.

But he has had a very busy summer full of new adventures and new friends, and lots of fun stuff planned in 2017, so the rest is well-deserved. Sleep tight, Fenton! We’ll see you soon!

A person wearing a big teddy bear costume with a black hat and tie, lies down in a bed and is hugging a little monkey doll.