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A National Museum of Immigration to be formed at Pier 21!

On June 25, 2009, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the Statement of Intentions to designate a National Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. A certificate was signed to mark the occasion of the announcement by the Government of Canada, that it has concluded an agreement in principle with the Pier 21 Society, the Pier 21 Foundation and the Halifax Port Authority to create a national museum of immigration at Pier 21.

“This announcement shows that we’ve made significant progress in our efforts to become designated a National Museum,” says Bob Moody, CEO of the Pier 21 Society. “Gaining this official designation status will be an historic event for Pier 21 and for Canada. We are excited about the opportunity to share Canada’s immigration story, both past and present as well as expand our presence coast to coast to coast. We are looking forward to the journey still ahead of us.”

National Museum status will enable Pier 21 to dramatically increase its community outreach programming, online presence, marketing reach and ability to deliver all content in at least two official languages.

Since its opening on July 1, 1999, Pier 21 has enjoyed a high degree of success and acclaim for celebrating Canada’s immigration history. Pier 21 is dedicated to preserving, celebrating and sharing Canada’s immigration stories, from the 1.5 million immigrants and Canadian military service personnel who passed through this gateway, to the broader story of nation building and the early beginnings of Canada.

“We are a country of immigrants.” says Mr. Moody. “Pier 21 continues to celebrate these evolving stories at a time when it is increasingly important for us to understand and celebrate our country’s history, fabric and future.”